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27 Dec
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at PHI

At the beginning of every year, we at Pro-Health International set big goals and have great expectations that the year will be amazing. Looking back at how the year has been, we are glad to say that this year was amazing for us at Pro-Health...

Reach! Treat! Cure Everyone!
wtbd_news_section As Bimpe elbowed her way through the market crowd, she was too preoccupied to notice the strange looks and loud whispers that trailed her. She was too sick to care. When she first started coughing, she thought it was the common flu and so she bought a bottle of cough syrup. Thirteen bottles and several months after, she now coughs up blood. Her nights have become unbearable because of the sweats she’s been having. As if that isn’t bad enough, she is now always weak and has lost so much weight everyone wonders what is wrong with her.