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We work in partnership with Federal, States and Local governments, Philanthropists, donor agencies, fund-raising organizations and individuals to carry out our projects. Over the years we have benefited from the kind-hearted donations and support of people all around the world who believe in what we do. Because of them we have been able to impact many lives.

You too can be a part of what we do. You can help make us reach Internally Displaced Persons, the unreached states in Nigeria, as well as other African countries. Your donation and support will make that happen. Join the movement.

It is impossible without you!


Pro-Health International’s track record and experience in grant management are as follows:

John D and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Grant.

Following a retrospective analysis of PHI projects over a six-year period (1991-96) it was determined that 85% of the beneficiaries of PHI’s free health care were women and children, and that the majority of women presented with symptoms related to reproductive health. This led PHI in 1997 to apply for a $50,000 grant from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to incorporate a reproductive health component in its outreach projects. The grant was awarded to PHI and was successfully managed and implemented.


Total Fina Elf Funding


In 2002, Total Fina Elf funded four free healthcare projects in the Niger Delta Region at a cost of N26 million.

Funding from State and Local Governments


PHI has received funding from various state and local governments ranging from N1.5 – N3.5 million per project for the provision of free healthcare and health education to community members.

PEPFAR-USAID/Nigeria Grant (2008-2012)

In response to the global fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic, PHI applied to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID-Nigeria APS No. 620-06-002) and was awarded a 3-year grant totaling $5,799,008 in March 2008. The award was further extended by 9 months.  (See Appendix 4: USAID-Nigeria Cooperative Agreement extract, March 31, 2008).  This grant was part of the New Partners Initiative of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and was for implementation of HIV/AIDS Reduction Program in the Niger Delta (HARPIN).  The goal of the project was prevention of new HIV infections in the Cross River and Rivers states including a PMTCT component. The overall success of this program and the PMTCT component in Cross River State was resounding. PMTCT was implemented in eight comprehensive sites in the state covering 112 health centers in the local government areas. The PMTCT program included training on HIV rapid tests, post-natal counseling, infant nutrition, HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), Dried Blood Sample (DBS) Antiretroviral Therapy (ARV), Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) family planning (FP) and infant feeding (IF).  The result shows a high uptake of PMTCT services in Cross River State as a result of the HARPIN program. The program was successfully executed and closed in out in May 2012.



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Grant (2008-2013)


In 2008, PHI also received a 5-year grant initially totaling $1,050,000 from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, Abuja, Nigeria to implement the “HCT Expansion Plan for Nasarawa and Plateau States” (HEPNAP).  This program is on-going and aims to expand the access of HTC services in Plateau and Nasarawa States in North Central Nigeria. The objectives of the project are:


  • To increase the number of HTC service outlets in Plateau and Nasarawa states


  • To increase the number of people who test for HIV and receive their results in Nasarawa and Plateau states.


  • To build the capacity of local health care providers and Pro-Health to provide HTC services in both states.


Pro-Health International through the HEPNAP project has set up and maintained 14 hospital-based HTC sites (6 sites in Nasarawa State and 8 sites in Plateau State), which offer HTC services to the general population. Three prison-based HTC sites have also been set up in Jos, Shendam and Keffi Prisons, which provide services to inmates and prison officials.  So far, the results of PHI’s HEPNAP project have been promising. For instance, during the reporting period August 1, 2011 – July 31, 2012, Pro-Health utilized a strategic mix of service delivery models to provide HTC services to 23,954 (donor’s target was 15,623 individuals) thus achieving 153.1% of her financial year 2012 target.


Experience gained from the HARPIN and HEPNAP programs remain an invaluable asset to PHI and will be utilized to do even more in tackling the challenge facing Nigeria in maternal, neonatal and child health.


The Niger Delta Development Commission’s Free Health Program


PHI was the pioneer implementing organization of the NDDC-sponsored multi-million naira free health care program in the Niger Delta.  This partnership started in 2001 when NDDC approached PHI to develop what has now become a model public-private partnership. The pilot project took place in Odi, Bayelsa State in 2001. At this time the federal government needed a rapid impact project to quickly restore credibility in the eyes of the Niger Delta people and provide immediate succor following a precipitated crisis. This was an opportunity to serve and an epoch making experience for both parties. The impact of the program was instant, reaching 2,362 men, women and children with qualitative medical care; 106 surgeries were successfully done. This led to a yearly renewal of partnership between PHI and NDDC and grew in coverage and depth of impact and became a flagship for NDDC.


Niger Delta Development Commission Grant.


PHI is currently executing an annual contractual collaboration with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) for the provision of free mobile healthcare services/HIV AIDS prevention programs to the people of the Niger Delta. Due to the impact that PHI has created through this program, this collaboration has been renewed for six consecutive periods. The grant amount is an average of $1.8 million per annum for the last six years.


From inception of the partnership in 2001, it was just 1 project that was first carried out in the first year to 18 projects in 2002, and subsequently over 30 projects per year, PHI’s capacity to carry out medical missions in rural, hard-to-reach terrains of the Niger Delta has increased tremendously.


From reaching 2, 632 people in the pilot project, PHI has been able to attend to 546, 258 men, women and children through the NDDC Free Health Care Program.

TY Danjuma Foundation Free Health Care Program

The TY Danjuma Foundation-sponsored Free Health Care Program was initiated in January 2008. This program is on going and is for the provision of free health care to the people of Taraba and Edo states.  It is part of TYDF’s health projects titled “Strengthening the Health Systems in Taraba and Edo States through Health Missions and Training of Health Workers.  Services rendered include free health care projects (medical missions), training of health workers and a nutrition program for women and children. The nutrition program entails training of women to use locally available food items to produce nourishing meals for their families. From the first year (2008) the PHI-TYDF program had already gained wide acceptance, support and cooperation from individuals, private establishments and government. To date, total grant amount to PHI stands at N523, 304, 749.75.


Through this partnership, PHI has been able to reach close to 100, 000 men, women and children with medical care, and provide training to health care workers and traditional birth attendants in both states.


African Prisons Ministry (APM) 


African Prisons Ministry, based in South Africa collaborates with PHI to reach out to prisoners in Nigeria with compassion and care.  Services include HIV/AIDS prevention messages, free medical clinics, and banquettes. Funding for these outreach activities is provided by APM.


Lulu Briggs Foundation Grant.


The LuLu Briggs Foundation, a Port Harcourt (Rivers State)-based organization that cares for the poor and aged, has provided funds for the construction and equipping of a mobile HIV testing laboratory to boost our HIV/AIDS program.


Other Sources of Funding


Directorate for Technical Cooperation in Africa  – sponsored a free health care outreach to the Gambia; Nto-Annang Foundation, Houston Chapter – sponsors one free health care project in Annang land in the Niger Delta every year; Times Square Church funded medical outreaches in Zambia and Burundi. They also provided funding for building and equipping of one of the MSUs for customs clearance and logistics.




Pro-Health International is an organization that has raised a lot of leaders in the health sector within the past 25 years. Hundreds of medical personnel have passed through our Medical Volunteer Program  (MVP). This program creates an opportunity for people to build their leadership capacities, sharpen their medical skills, discover and fulfill their personal purposes in life. They are given the opportunity to design, plan, implement and evaluate projects both on and off the field. The program usually lasts for a period of 3, 6 or 12-month interval, depending on which program they enroll for.


By the end of the Medical Volunteer Program, an employee is expected to have gained clarity to what career path to take. He/She should have been able to build skills and networks required for the next level. The program is tailored to serves as a bridge to train, equip and launch an employee to his/her desired career path.




From time to time, there are vacancies opened to the general public to apply. These information usually are and will be advertised on this website and other media platforms. We are an equal opportunity organization that gives everyone the privilege to build a career with us. We look forward to having you in our impact-making team.



Have you ever had a deep-seated desire to change the world, make a difference, to let the world know “I was here”? Most of us have.


But then you look around you everyday, at the abject poverty, the corruption, the lackluster attitude of leadership, and that desire gradually morphs into despair. You think, “How much can I really do? What effort can I make that wouldn’t be less than a minuscule grain of sand in a very sandy beach?” But do you know that if each of us contributes a single grain it would one day make a bucketful? Helping just one child or being part of a team that helps one community can make all the difference. After all, Flemming was only one child who was helped by one man called Sir Churchill. Why not be that man/woman today.


Volunteer your skill, knowledge, and kindness. Sign up as a medical volunteer today with PHI. Together we can achieve more.


Complete the form below, send certificates and licenses to and we will get back to you.


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