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Medical Missions

27 Dec
Medical Missions for 2018

At Pro-Health International, we cannot wait to start the new year. We know that 2018 will be full of exciting moments, impactful days and memorable experiences. We are happy to announce to you that the dates for our 2018 medical missions are out. We would like...

27 Dec
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at PHI

At the beginning of every year, we at Pro-Health International set big goals and have great expectations that the year will be amazing. Looking back at how the year has been, we are glad to say that this year was amazing for us at Pro-Health...

07 Sep
As each day passes by, the number of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria keeps increasing. Consequently, the pressure to sustain them in the various parts of the country where they are accommodated keeps increasing as well. Unfortunately this is the devil that we might have to face for a while until the source of the insurgency is completely wiped out.
03 Nov
Pictures from Calabar Medical Missions
A medical missions was recently held in Calabar, Cross River State, from the 6th - 11th of October 2014 at Calabar women and children hospital.
10 Sep
Volunteer for Pro-Health International Medical Missions
Volunteerism is an act done from a heart that wants to see change. It is giving your time, skills, talents, energy and resources for the development, improvement and good of mankind. It is one of the ways to live life fully.
19 Aug
Picture Stories

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17 Mar
IMG_3425 IMG_3409 Life is beautiful where there is peace but unfortunately for a lot of people in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, life can only be defined in terms of violence, killings and bombings, destruction of property and more often than not, loss of life. Whole communities have been sacked and a new set of people have suddenly been created. They are the internally displaced, who live in their home country but do not belong anywhere.