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Have you ever had a deep-seated desire to change the world, make a difference, to let the world know “I was here”? Most of us have.


But then you look around you everyday, at the abject poverty, the corruption, the lackluster attitude of leadership, and that desire gradually morphs into despair. You think, “How much can I really do? What effort can I make that wouldn’t be less than a minuscule grain of sand in a very sandy beach?” But do you know that if each of us contributes a single grain it would one day make a bucketful? Helping just one child or being part of a team that helps one community can make all the difference. After all, Flemming was only one child who was helped by one man called Sir Churchill. Why not be that man/woman today.


Volunteer your skill, knowledge, and kindness. Sign up as a medical volunteer today with PHI. Together we can achieve more.


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