Pro-Health International | 2014 March
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March 2014

Reach! Treat! Cure Everyone!
wtbd_news_section As Bimpe elbowed her way through the market crowd, she was too preoccupied to notice the strange looks and loud whispers that trailed her. She was too sick to care. When she first started coughing, she thought it was the common flu and so she bought a bottle of cough syrup. Thirteen bottles and several months after, she now coughs up blood. Her nights have become unbearable because of the sweats she’s been having. As if that isn’t bad enough, she is now always weak and has lost so much weight everyone wonders what is wrong with her.
17 Mar
IMG_3425 IMG_3409 Life is beautiful where there is peace but unfortunately for a lot of people in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, life can only be defined in terms of violence, killings and bombings, destruction of property and more often than not, loss of life. Whole communities have been sacked and a new set of people have suddenly been created. They are the internally displaced, who live in their home country but do not belong anywhere.